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Rated 5 out of 5
August 10, 2021

I recently found Dibi Face products this year and have made serval purchases through Freya’s Mirror. Each time I’ve fallen more in love with using their products and how quickly I can see and feel the results.

First, I must commend the lovely representative of this product because she knows her stuff. Anytime I’ve ever had a question, she has given me an accurate and timely response. Whether it’s looking for a specific type of product, or ordering something she didn’t yet have on her site, my experience has been 100% positive. She has great customer service skills and is always sure to ask me about my delivery and satisfaction of the products. She has also sent me many samples which I’ve tried and loved enough to order the full size version of. Personally, I really appreciate the samples because it’s allowed me to see how my skin reacts to this products and I have yet to be disappointed.

As far as what I’ve ordered, I can’t speak highly enough about all the products. I am someone who has sensitive skin, so just using any skin product isn’t doable. I also suffer from both dry and oily patches on my face, which makes finding a balanced face lotion extremely hard. Below is a list of items I’ve ordered and my review of each.

Calm perfection gentle Micellar water – great toner for my face. It also removes my foundation and eyeshadow extremely well without irritating my eyes. A little bit of the product goes a long way. The only downside… It does not remove my Armani smudge-proof/waterproof eyeliner very well. But this did not come as a surprise as most products do not. I use a different product for my eyeliner, but everything else, I enjoy this toner for.

Face perfection biomechanical reactivation scrub – first time I used it, I fell in love with it. My skin felt instantly softer. I continue to use this scrub multiple times a week. I feel it works better than my my ArmaniPrima which cost me a heck of a lot more (about 5xs as much), and didn’t continue to add the luxurious softness to my face that Dibi does. Downside… None.

Filler code miracle filler cream – hands down this is the best face lotion I have ever used! I love it even more than dead sea products which have been a long time go to for me. As I mentioned before I have certain parts of my face that tend to dry out while other sections can get oily. I have tried many tactics to get around this issue, but this lotion is amazing because it addresses both problems very easily and effectively. My dry skin gets more hydrated and my oil skin gets less oily. To achieve this I simply add more to the dry areas, and less to the oily areas of my face. But my whole face gets coverage with only 1 lotion. Downside… The cost might throw you off at first but it’s totally worth it. The jar is a very good size. I can see mine lasting a good 6 months which when you break it down ends up being cheaper than a lot of other lotions you have to buy on a monthly basis.

3 in 1 eye lift eye contoured gel – this is an another amazing find for me. If there’s a product I have bought the most of, it would have to be eye cream/gel. 95% of the time I can’t use an eye product more than once because I have such sensitive skin around my eyes. I have literally had multiple eye products turn the area around my eyes bright red, dry out the skin, and keep it irritated for weeks with just one use. I have never experienced any negative effects with Dibi’s eye gel though. I can comfortably use it on my eyelids, the corner of my eye to prevent crow’s feet, and underneath my eye without any irritation at all. Downside… None. The price is on point especially compared to other eye products I’ve purchased, and it does what it’s supposed to.

Lastly, Acid infusion no age bioactivating treatment – I specifically opted to purchase this product because of some sunspots and an uneven skin tone to my face. This is something that’s just started to happen to me in the last year or so. I have a friend who spends several hundred dollars on face lotion for a similar issue with decent results, I but I decided to give this a go first. I’m so glad I did. This product does take a couple of days before you can visibly start to see a change, but by the end, you can definitely see a huge difference. After using this, I feel my face looks better without makeup vs with. Downside… The instructions weren’t super clear for me. I had to ask for clarification.

Overall I definitely recommend all these products. And I look forward to trying new ones in the future. I will definitely be a life long Dibi buyer.


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